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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the taxes associated with all events?
Outdoor events for Maryland have a 16% tax (10% amusement tax and 6% sales tax). All of our prices are listed without tax and will be added at the time of final payment.

Does my tax exemption certificate apply to the admissions and amusement tax applied to rentals?

No. Unfortunately, unlike sales and use tax, exemption certificates are not valid for the admissions and amusement tax. Since the tax is imposed on the host of the activity rather than on the consumer, the exemption does not apply.

Will you deliver outside of your service area?

Yes, we provide free delivery for any address within 20 miles of zip code 21216. Any address over the 20 mile radius will incur a $50 delivery fee. Check the ABOUT section for our service area or you can contact us @ 410-225-3215 or for more information.

Can the Delivery charge be waived?

We apologize but, the answer is no. Our delivery crews are contractors for the Big House of Bounce. If an address is outside of their service area, they charge Big House of Bounce and we charge the customer.

What type of surface can the moonbounce be placed on?

The best surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on any level surface such as concrete, asphalt, dirt and even indoor gymnasiums. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on so we can provide the appropriate anchors for your event.

What is your cancellation policy?
Our Policy is simple, if you cancel your event at least 14 business days prior to the event date your deposit will be held and can be applied to an alternate date within one (1) calendar year.
What happens if it rains?

Big House of Bounce LLC. reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to forecasted severe or imminent deterioration of weather conditions. We will grant one (1) rain date to be schedule within one (1) calendar year from the original purchase date.  Due to the ever-changing nature of weather forecasts, weather cancellations can only be decided upon the day of the rental. As a safety precaution, Big House of Bounce LLC. will not set up in the rain nor winds of twenty (20) mph or more. If the forecasted weather calls for unfavorable weather conditions, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact our office to discuss canceling the rental and rescheduling the event. If the customer cancels due to rain before the delivery is in route, a full refund can be issued. If it is not actively raining and you wish to have the unit set up, we will be happy to do so. Please be advised that once your delivery is in route, no refunds or reimbursement will be provided.

Is renters insurance mandatory?

No, renters insurance is optional but, is recommended.  If you do not purchase renters insurance and something happens to one of our items you will be held fully liable to replace the damaged item.

How many children can fit inside a moonbounce?

Between 8-12 kids at a time. The number varies upon the size of the moon bounce you’re interested in.

When Do I Pay?

An initial non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to event.

Are the moonbounces clean?
Yes,  all of our moon bounces are thoroughly cleaned between each use. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, healthy, and safe environment in which to play. In addition to cleaning, we also safety check and troubleshoot all equipment before it goes out to another customer. This way, you’re always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean, and in good working order.
How can I place an order?
You may place an order one of two ways:
Call our office 410-225-3215 or fill out our online contact form and somone will contact you within 24 hours.
How long will you hold a reservation before my paperwork is received?

We will hold your reservation for five(5) calendar days.

What are the appropriate ages for entering a moonbounce?

The appropriate ages for bouncing are 2-14 years old. Some of the larger slides may not be appropriate for children under the age of 4 years old.

Do you deliver and set-up at parks/public recreation areas?

Yes, a $20 fee is charged for proof of insurance/permit fee .

How much room do I need?

You will approximately need an area of 18’ x 18’ and a vertical height that can allow at least 15’ of clearance. It depends upon which size of the moon bounce you select. Imagine 2 cars parked side by side in your set area.

How much room do you need to bring the moonbounce in?

A standard walk through gate is fine. We’ll bring the unit rolled up and it will be wheeled in on a standard hand truck. If a person can walk through, the moon bounce will be able to go through as well.

Do you provide extension cords?

Yes,  we provide 1 extension cord up to 100 ft for each moonbounce delivered.  If an additional cord is needed, we can supply for an additional fee of $5.

Does it need electricity? How much does it use?

The blower runs continuously and uses approximately 14¢ of electricity per hour. NOTE: All blowers and wiring are safety checked before leaving the warehouse.

What time do you deliver and pickup moonbounces?

The typical ranges of rental times are 3 hrs, 6hrs or all day rental (up to 10 hours). You decide on the specific time you want the moon bounce set up and we’ll be there 1 hour before the start time. Also, you do not pay for our setup time, all rental periods are jumping time only. Picking up is based on the number of hours you rent for. Special arrangements can be made if you need to leave (example: dinner, or another party) by a certain time, just let us know. For park parties, we run the timing a little tighter. Your order representative will brief you on this if applicable at the time of confirmation.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday.  

How far in advance should I book?

Since weekends fill up fast, we recommend calling at least 6 weeks to 2 months in advance to ensure you get your preferred inflatable(s). 

Do you deliver on holidays?

Yes,  we deliver for all holidays.

Can I order overnight?

No,  we apologize but we currently do not offer overnight services.  We do offer two day packages as long as the items rented are housed inside of a building.

Is it cheaper if we pick up the moon bounces ourselves?

No, in fact, Big House of Bounce does not offer this option. All of our drivers are trained as professional installers and are certified by Big House of Bounce to be the exclusive installers of our equipment. When the safety of your children is of a concern, it is always best to leave it up to the professionals to do the work. In addition to this, the liability insurance that we carry does not permit unauthorized set up or moving of our equipment.